Egg Laying 101

Where my chickens are suppose to lay eggs.

It has been windy, raining and cold for the past week.  The ladies do not like to be wet so I have been feeding them inside thier coop. I am still amazed to collect eggs each day. There is nothing finer than to crack open an egg that is as fresh as a few minutes old.  The colour and structure is a thing of beauty.  Okay, I know I am getting a little over the top about the chickens, or chooks as they call them here in New Zealand.  Anyway…I try to let the three girls out during the warm part of the day in order for them to take a dust bath under the house and to forage for worms and the like. 

Today being no different, I walked down to the “girls only clubhouse,” and opened the door to give the girls some free range time.  They burst out the as if on an important mission.  I looked in the egg box and there was only one egg.  Laya took her time leaving and stopped immediately to graze on some grass so I reckoned it was her egg. Gallena and Yolko were not meandering their way to the dust bath area like they usually do. They were on an urgent mission at full tilt up the steep terraced slope to the agapantha outside my front door.  I quickly grabbed my camera to try and capture what I thought might be a national geo photo opportunity.

Pictures tell a story but they don’t include sound.  The sounds in this case made the whole experience seem so memorable.  Not clucking but murmuring.  You might think that chickens lay eggs as a solo experience but I am here to report that they lay eggs at the same time to the second and in the same nest.



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