Art and the Chicken Coop

Her Royal Self

   I am fighting with the weather.  The sky is clear but cold. I let the ladies out at mid day so they can have their dust baths with the sun beating down.  They actually go into a trance. No kidding. 
The backyard is really green to the eye but super soggy to the feet.
It was while I squished across the lawn this morning to deliver breakfast to Gallina, Yolko and Laya that I decided the way to fight my winter blues is to make the ladies crib into an art project that will get my blood pumping.
Anybody out there have any quirky ideas to adorn the  girl’s home sweet home?

Where do I go from here?


This is what we have to work with.


2 thoughts on “Art and the Chicken Coop

  1. Remember that really cool shed we saw on our road trip, sort of a psychedelic Maori vision?????? Could you work in the egg theme???? What came first?????

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