Seaweed Sessions

Getting Started with Seaweed

For the past six months my art has been interpreting varied species of seaweed collected from the beach after winter storms.  I search for specimens that have their holdfast and anchor intact. Besides being intrigued by the word holdfast, I also have a thing for the other main structures of seaweed; blades and floats.  These words; holdfast, blade and float have relevance at this time in my life. 
My goal in this series of paintings is to push the boundaries of mixed media art by painting views of seaweed on perspex (plexiglass).  When you hold a piece of seaweed up to the light the colours that show through the blades is astounding.  Perspex gives the artist two canvases to work on. After painting on one side you just flip it over and continue the layers. It might just be the perfect media to give the illusion of seeing though the translucent layers of blades. 
I have now completed eight seaweed paintings on perspex.  One might suggest that it is time to move on.
How much seaweed does a person need to paint?
Where do I go from here?

A friend up on the hill happens to be a Vet.  He invited me to the clinic to hold one of the paintings up again his x-ray reader. In unison we both said, “Wow.” 

A Proud Moment for Women

I immediately dove head long into learning how to create a battery driven LED strip that would attach behind the painting to give the same effect as the x-ray light box.  You only have to reach behind the panel and flip a switch to add another dimension to the painting. (paintings lit and unlit)

View Paintings Lit and Unlit

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