Zen and the Art of Raising Chickens

Someone more clever than I encapsulated what I am trying to to achieve; an experience that joins high tech and getting  back to the land.  (the book that inspires me at the moment)
I have three hens: Gallina, Yolko and Princess Laya.
Or maybe the truth is they have me.
My love for feeding people and animals has taken on a new dimension when it comes to the girls. I admit that I have taken them on field trips into my vegie patch and turned them on to some really nectar worms. These girls are social and fly out over the top of their fencing (even after having one wing clipped) just to attend happy hour.  If they hear any laughing that’s the que to come up to the upper deck at any cost. My friends can’t believe that a chicken will actually jump up into your lap to be friendly.

This is the first time I have ever raised chickens or seasonal foods. My friend Kimi came to visit and we toasted my success as a farmer-in-training.

The downside is more like this; transporting two cheeky girls who have kicked all of my decorative bark off my front bank.


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