Creating a Custom Retreat

I met Veronica during the Waiheke Winter Arts Festival…or as she puts it the studio “hop.” She is keen to be creative and emailed me a couple of weeks ago. I started sending her questions via email.  Through her answers I have created a personalized three day art retreat to give her the experience that she is craving.

Mexican food is what really connected Vero and I on our first meeting. Growing up in San Diego means growing up with Mexican food.  Taco stands, beer and the beach. I keep my past connected to me through my mexican cooking.  How perfect that Vero loves Mexican food.
Day One – Posole Verde, accompanied by Kennedy Point Sauvignon Blanc
Day Two – Quesadillas, (wish I could get my hands on a Modelo or Tecate beer)
Day Three – Chili Rellenos

What kind of art does she like? One of her answers mentions Mark Rothko. Coincidence?
We will probably talk a lot about how to use the digital images she takes while on our walks around Orapiu and make an abstract painting from them.

What is she reading right now? “This is what I am reading at the moment.”

Knowing about what kind of music she prefers helped me create a great grooveshark playlist for when we are down in the studio! I interspersed some of my favorites to share with her.  Love to hear new music that people are passionate about.

Stay tuned to see how the retreat actually unfolds.


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