New Painting series on Plexiglass

A few weeks ago a big storm washed a batch of seaweed up on the shore of Orapiu Bay.  I collected every type I could find, hung some of it out to dry and pressed the rest.  As usual I have become obsessed with it artistically. 

I am studying its Form, Function and Colour and how other artists express it.

What intrigues me about seaweed?
Seaweed structures: blade, holdfast, stipe and especially the float inspire me to weave analogies with human values. 
Seaweed is neither plant nor animal and scientists have assigned them their own classification of Kingdom Protista (sounds so Spanish and means the very first). Vivid colours appear when backlit. It is a challenge to draw their overlapping layers.

Now for a twist in the plot.  What about using plexiglass (perspex) as my canvas and trying my hand at reserve painting? 
First Attempt